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15 Tips to Celebrate Your Birthday Like a Bombshell

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I wrote this last year for my BIRTHDAY MONTH, and enjoyed reading it to remind me for this year. Happy Birthday!

Celebrating my birthday is a BIG deal to me. I love celebrating anything and everything so birthdays (yours, mine, unbirthdays) are great. I like my birthday, even now when there have been enough of them that I say I am "thirty plus twelve something". (My hubby wants to know why I've decided to lie, since I am usually honest to a fault and without filter. Well, turning 40 was ok, but the rest of these years? No thank you. I FEEL old and I am not ready to embrace that yet.) Thirtysomething. Smile and nod, ok Darlings?

As a mama with little kids it is hard to focus solely on yourself for a moment let alone a month. With help from my hubby, my Dad and gal pals I do get good ME TIME and I guard it ferociously. November is my birthday month, and I enjoy celebrating myself all month long.  Even with small children at home. My Dad mentioned his pal Gary  was appalled a the idea of a birthday week. I used to celebrate a birthday week, but I am older now and there is more of me to celebrate so I stretch it out. I asked Dad to correct and thus further alarm his friend.

Now that I am old enough to buy gifts for myself, and in fact do not really need gifts any more (but still enjoy them!) I prize other things more. Like using the bathroom alone. Eating a cupcake alone. Having a full conversation with another adult (any adult) that isn't peppered with terets-like interruptions of "Stop it!" "Please don't interrupt Mama, I'm talking!" and "Polibby...I mean Li-Portia...whichever one you are: STOP IT NOW."           

As a Bombshell I've always dreamed of being the 1940's Starlet in marabou kitten heels...imagine my delight that I have at last marabou on the toes of my slippers! Thank you to Candies  for understanding some Bombshells need warmth and comfort with their glamour.  

I got these last year at Kohl's for myself during my birthday month.

As I have ramped up birthday celebrations this month I realized not everyone is as vain and childlike as I might be around my birthday. Some of you may need some help stretching out your birthday entitlement to fill a whole month. Here is a list to get you started, PLEASE add your own ideas  in the comments.

How to Celebrate a Birthday Month Like a Bombshell:

1. Tell everyone, "It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!" with infectious glee. All month. Maybe even a week before YOUR month starts.

2. Take extra care and finesse with your hair, makeup and wardrobe. Or do nothing at all but wear your pjs and red is after all YOUR Birthday Month! Whatever makes YOU feel AWESOME.

3. Get or give yourself a full mani pedi at least once. Especially if the closest you usually get to "nails done" is "by a four year old" and "In Marker." 

4. Be indulgent with your food. Especially if you usually pretend to diet.

5. Make phone calls. Remember those?  Call and have idle chats with your people and enjoy not texting or Facebooking.

6. Buy yourself a little something at the beginning of the month.  Especially something you can wear all month to remind yourself of your month long Bombshell Birthday.

7. Put a practice birthday candle in something. Anything. Get creative.

8. Write a list or a letter to yourself about what you like about yourself. Speak as if you are your own best friend, which you should be, anyway.

9. Wear perfume. Take this birthday month to select a signature scent for yourself...Sephora is AWESOME at giving you samples you can use for several days to really live in your fragrance. If you hate perfume or are sensitive, try essential oils in a base oil and rollerball. Something lovely to enjoy just for you.

10. Speaking of Sephora, go and get a makeover there. They do not make commission and are so gracious with dopes like me. I wear the same stuff and go in there and learn all kinds of things. Even if you do not buy, you will learn. AND if you are a Beauty Insider  (free) they give you a GREAT birthday gift. Seriously.

11. If your budget allows, join Birchbox.  For $10 per month you get a little gift box of nice sized samples. Always a surprise it is guaranteed to increase your knowledge of all that is beauty. I am pretty clueless but really enjoy it. For the cost of two Starbucks coffees or one lipstick mistake you get the fun every month. I LOVE IT.

12. Send someone a card (perhaps an UN Birthday?) with the wonderful/awful confetti in it. Add a lipsticked kiss mark on the back. We need more lipstick marks around, don't we?

13. Wear something useless around the house. May I recommend a tiara? Glittering body powder? For me it is a gorgeous retro bathrobe dressing gown (Thanks to Jennifer Scott of The Daily Conoisseur Blog) with large sleeves. I simply cannot wash dishes or anything practical in it. I bravely make the coffee, sleeves catching on everything and then simply must sit down to sip my coffee. Like a Bombshell.

14. Read things that are delightful. For me this week it was Let's Bring Back by Lesley M. M Blume rereading The Bombshell Manual of Style  by Lauren Stover and surprisingly enough this magazine. 

15. Tell everyone it is your birthday, long before it actually IS your actually BIRTH DAY. Explain when One celebrates a birthday MONTH, the actual DAY is almost irrelevant!

May I be the first to tell you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH to you, Bombshell!  You will totally rock it, whenever it is.

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