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Boudoir or Boring?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

5 Tips for Moms in the Bedroom

I read a great blog post about A Mom and Hotel Sex from Jen Ross at Don't Wear Sweats. If you are grinning right this very moment, you need this post...or you can add awesome insight to this post. It was basically talking about how awesome it is for a married MOTHER to get into a hotel bed. I just thought YES!!! And YES. John and I have often pondered over the difference a hotel room makes in our ease, our stress and our *brown chicken brown cow*. Moms, if you EVER told me adult activity would be a challenge for me (other than that three years of spiritual abstinence I chose to live out)...I would have scoffed. 

Before kids.   NOW I understand what all the fuss (and all the headaches) are about.   We don't have a TV in our room, because I know that can kill both good rest and good sex. But I have been thinking about putting one back in. I won't, but...we might as well? There are a few things I do in our bedroom to have it feel more like a BOUDOIR than the place where small children come to sleep and get evicted. (At least that only happens every single night.) For the faint of heart, worry not, this is a DECORATING post, not a "doing it" post.   After reading this moms and hotel sex article I went straight to my bedroom and photographed the sad state it was in. I had cleaned and tidied and hotelified our bedroom  many months ago, but it wasn't so inviting as of late.  Today  I will share some before and after pictures to show what a difference a few touches makes. And the best things about the AFTER bedroom. All I need now is to make up those plastic laminated placards and set them around the room...we are the Novak Hotel! TOP TIPS for BOUDOIR instead of BORING in the Bedroom 1) Lighting, lighting, lighting. Nix the overhead light and use one small side lamp in your bedroom. Everybody and everything looks better in candlelight. Better yet make it a massage oil candle. You are welcome.   2) Give your eyes places to rest in the room. If you have a bunch of things to look at, a TV, 500 pictures and piles of laundry, it can feel too busy to your subconscious. Less is much much more! 3)  Make your bed every morning. EVERY MORNING. And enjoy cozying up under a real or faux down comforter. Flannel sheets. Get a little crazy with textures at any budget. We do not do the hospital corners or anything, just a big fluffy duvet we pull up over the bed, straighten and throw a bunch of pillows down. Whenever I walk into the room during the day or even at night, it feels WUNNERFUL to have that gorgeously made bed there.  Even when it is piled up with laundry or children. Still lovely. 4) Purge Purge Purge! Go through your closet and drawers and give away anything you do not love and use and wear regularly. Even if you LIKE the item, someone else may NEED it, and they may LOVE it. With less things in your bedroom, you will spend less time handling them, moving them, smooshing them out of the way. When I open my tidied closet and it is simple and organized, I feel so at ease and relaxed. I start thinking about brown chickens and brown cows instead of "Ohmylawdineedtocleanthisfreakingcloset!!!"

5) Ditch your family. Seriously. Put a lock on your bedroom door to avoid toddler surprise visits. Maybe move your family pictures to the living room instead of your boudoir. Kind of hard to feel hotel wantonly with your hunky hubby if Junior is grinning from the nightstand. You know you love your kids. Your kids know you love them. You will probably remember what they look like in the morning without having the pictures right there. I hope these tips help YOU to set the scene for a relaxing boudoir of your own. Even if you simply  kick back with a glass of wine cup of tea and a magazine!

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