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INSIGHT TIMER is good for anyone at any age.  My kids need the tips to control themselves and I can destress with guided session or  ten minutes of focused breathing. With all the commotion in our world today, give yourself 10 minutes to simply breathe. You can do that. You can! All meditations are FREE!

Meditating on the Beach

3 IN 30

As the world moves faster, I like to learn something I can use immediately when I listen to a podcast. A friend told me about the 3 in 30 podcast, where there are three takeaways in each 30-minute episode. Fold the laundry and be smarter afterwards I always say! 



Music makes a soundtrack for life and is very important to me. The Spotify app keeps me jamming all day long. Acoustic Covers Playlist will always be my first love. What is on your playlist?



Reading my Bible helps me put everything into perspective most days. While I prefer a paper Bible—especially one I can color in as I spend time with God!—sometimes I need a digital version. The YouVersion Bible App is my favorite because I can use it both as a tool to investigate different translation meanings and also for the huge variety of searchable daily devotionals it offers.

Check it out!



Gretchen Rubin is my first love and Happiness Guru. Instead of being the sunshiny pollyanna you may expect, she is very detailed and organized in her pursuit of happiness for all. I've read every book she's written lately and cannot suggest her materials enough. Check out her podcast here.



iMom is an encouraging website with tools and bite-sized messages to help every mother mother better. I've printed their check lists, pillow talk points and many articles to share. There is also something along the same lines for the dads. 



My marriage is better because of Dave Ramsey and his financial planning resources. My husband John and I have used Ramsey's tools and book for our money conversations and planning. I'm the spender, John is the saver and we are able to talk to each other in a respectful way through this program. Take the class, uss the Every Dollar app, and find out more here.



The Optimal Living Daily podcast is Audible Cliff's Notes for busy folks. They recap the finer points of books, blog posts and more by narrating them daily. I always learn something useful without having to research or read an entire book on the topic. They also have Relationship and Money versions of this podcast on their site.

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