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Let's Work Together


Select one of my prepared 1-hour sessions (30 to 45 minute talk with time for Q&A). Ask about my other talks and topics. I am available to present these talks and several more:​

"Life (With Toddler) Rules"

7 Simple tools for every parent to smooth out the family years.

"From Frog to Fabulous"

Are you tired, overwhelmed and stagnant as a woman? Recapture your mama mojo!

"Reluctant Missionary"

How an everyday mama was shoved by God towards a Sierra Leone adventure.



If you select one of the topics below, I will include up to a 1-hour prep-call,

workshop facilitation and post-event debrief. 

"Magic or Mayhem"

Do your employees care about your business as much as you do?

How this one choice will affect their work

and life for good (or evil!). 45 Minute interactive workshop.

"No More Boring Church!"

 Is your church stagnant or dying? Invigorate staff and volunteers 

to bring joy and connection to church. 

We'll dive into intergenerational worship, sacred cows, curb appeal,

team conflicts, rituals and tools.


I am happy to create a new talk or workshop tailored for your organization.​

Whether you need a lunch hour refresh or an all day workshop,

I am here to engage and inspire your people to higher performance and personal joy.

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